Increase Efficiency by Automate tracking of site resources

Ensuring subcontractors are on-site and performing their work according to plan is crucial to keeping projects on time and on budget, which is a key responsibility of any construction manager. 

In the past, there was no accurate way to monitor subcontractors’ activities and workflow from area to area, identify problems with their productivity, or even hold them accountable for their lack of progress.

Now the INDUS.AI solution monitors subcontractors at all times, and delivers up-to-date information so project managers can keep every stage of the project on schedule:

  • Headcount and worker-hours in different areas of a construction zone
  • Records of when workers/tradesmen enter and leave different areas
  • Detailed location, progress, and productivity data for further analysis and an audit trail

Download our Manpower & Subcontractor Factsheet to see the key benefits of AI-powered platform with computer vision-based solutions can help construction managers consistently stay on time and on budget.