CMAA Webinar:

How AI Can Help You Manage Construction Performance


Construction managers need up-to-date, accurate information about site activity and project status to deliver their projects on time and on budget. Yet the progress of most large infrastructure and commercial building projects is monitored and reported through slow, expensive, and error-prone manual assessments and processes.

Now, though, AI provides managers with timely data and insights that enable them to make more-informed project control and operational optimization decisions faster and easier than ever before.

4 key takeaways:

  1. AI has three progressive stages: ANI, AGI, ASI
  2. AI reduces safety risk
  3. AI increases schedule predictability
  4. AI drives productivity and efficiency

Insights from our audience:

  • Time: 87% spend more than 25% of their time gathering and analyzing project information, and 38% say it takes up more than half their time.
  • Risk: 60% use a risk reduction strategy.
  • Safety: 88% have experienced or witnessed near misses – or
    worse – on a construction site.

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