Webinar: Boost Your Performance with Artificial Intelligence

Aug 9, 2018


Construction Intelligence: Boost Your Performance with AI

In the digital age, what’s the best way to provide relevant information in real time to every stakeholder in the construction project? Getting full, real-time transparency, efficiency and safety at the construction sites is easier said than done.

In this webinar, Qbo Baik, Product Manager at indus.ai, will provide practical tips and showcase how our AI-based computer vision platform can help you boost efficiency and monitor progress of your commercial real estate projects in real time, without leaving your desk.

He'll cover how to:

  • Get automated real-time dashboards or daily reports with full analytics on what’s happening at your job site
  • Simplify work for developers, general contractors, safety managers, and project managers
  • Boost your project ROI with AI and computer vision
  • Increase cost and schedule certainty while reducing risks, surprises, and claims!
Boost Your Performance with AI